13 October 2013

Last year I did the program cover for the Encyclopedia Show and my topic was The Tower of Babel. According to one source I came across in my research, the last word spoken before the tower fell was "sack." It was fun to use the characters to illustrate something I normally wouldn't draw and play around with layering. The Tower contains layers of  pages of a dictionary.

22 July 2012


Sadly, this doodle is more true than I'd like to admit.

21 July 2012

Myths and stories

A bit ago I was talking to someone and I realized just how much I still think back to all the Greek mythology I learned in high school (not to mention my continued love of classic movies like Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans) and so it only made sense to start a series based on the crazy stories from various mythologies. I mean do you realize how many things Zeus turned himself into in order to have his way with women? Poor Hera, protector of marriage and she was married to the biggest man whore on Mt. Olympus.
Here are some of my early brainstorming from this new project. And a picture of my helper this morning.

24 June 2012

Late night dancing.

 More little moments from recent sketchbooks. I have come to think of these doodles, and the finished drawings too, as though you've caught a glimpse of secret impromptu late night dance parties. They are made up of overheard conversations and snip-its of inner monologues, and of course lots of dancing.

I draw jewels now.

That's all. Funny how long it took me to discover how much I enjoy what is basically a bunch of triangles grouped together. Loving the bright colors on the bright paper.

21 June 2012

More little collages

Just playing around with some ideas. I am currently engaged in a doodle war with one of my coworkers at the museum. Which basically just means that we pass little drawings back and forth a couple times a week. But calling it a war sounds more dramatic and exciting. Adds a little sass. So this little cat piece was one of my contributions to the battle. At this point I am not sure who is winning, but really that isn't the point.

Making marks

I never know what to call these drawings. For me they are like expanded doodles. Explorations of color, line and mark making. I have long been interested in our need to organize information and label it in order to comprehend the world, and my drawings often play with ambiguity and this fascination with organization. Repetition of patterns, map-like images, mazes of lines, color and multiple layers to evoke a sort of fabricated environment. These drawings are an exploration of familiar gestures and almost archetypal shapes and are informed by found images and topographical images.